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Today's world poses many challenges when it comes to managing security risk across all industry sectors. Here at Komankra, we have structured our security services to cover a broad range of capabilities, providing a one stop shop approach for our clients.  
All of our security services are delivered by our associate partners. Within our organisation we have security experts that are widely drawn from public and private sector professionals, we also have a specialist team of British and German, Former Special Forces operators that cover our hostile project areas covering all security and training services. We deliver a number of security related courses whilst remaining operational in all field disciplines.  


Despite the opportunities to take advantage of professional training, very few notice them. Even the multitude of license holders only go every three months to the obligatory shooting, put a couple of rounds down the range and leave without guidance. Partly offered so-called "defense shooting", but where no roads but only errors are pointed out. Our SF Training Director is a licensed Instructor for defensive tactics of the Florida Department of Law enforcement, including Hand to Hand combat, shooting instruction for Swat- teams and team- tactics. He is also a registered instructor of the Abu Dhabi Police department and licensed weapons- and shooting instructor of the Police department Lueneburg / Germany. 
Building on existing knowledge but also for the beginner, we offer modular shooting training for official use. Highly practical, the course participants will be tested by experience and international developments trained with the latest and best training methods. 
The handgun: Our courses ensure that the potential of the pistol or revolver is fully exploited. Ranging from the carrying methods on drawing techniques, shooting position, objective techniques to shooting techniques of the participants will be safer on their handling skills of the service weapon and become more operationally effective. 
All practical preparations are then trained on the shooting with real ammunition. 
Upon completion of training, a written test will be held. Immediately after passing the practical exam where the safe handling of pistol and revolver and shooting skill will be annotated. 
After passing you will receive the certified weapons proficiency certificate, our training Director is a Certified Officer of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  


Our covert operations teams are able to undertake any form of covert task whether that be a long term requirement or on short engagements. Well trained operators that are renowned for their approach and results.  
Our teams operate in the UK and overseas supporting both corporate and government organisations. We are 100% confident that our surveillance services will add great value to your organisation.  


Our preferred Company of choice specialise in detection dogs for: explosives, drugs, tobacco, cash, 'live' body detection, cadaver, disaster search/rescue, conservation and products of animal origin. 
Experienced at border control level and able to offer these services to the event industry and stadium venues. These services are also being delivered overseas in East Africa and we are now focusing on establishing them in West Africa.  


Here at Komankra we are passionate about conservation, the skills that we have to hand across the spectrum of our team and associated organisations allows us to offer these services in support of conservation projects. 
If you are looking at adding value to your conservation projects and involving a team of highly skilled operators then please contact us. 


Stressful situations, changing plans, unfortunate circumstances, and very long periods of warden are the challenges of personal protection. The time in planning is crucial to a successful task, sometimes it takes three weeks for a two-day job. The basic training provides the necessary knowledge to the course takers that want to be part of a personal protection team.  
Course content: Set theory, team workout, performance, safety technology, weapons training, self-defense, physical fitness, formations, evacuation and driver training. 
Our own Close Protection teams are active on international task and have a vast amount of experience in looking after high end clientele.  


Our rotary services offer any organisation a specialist capability that will enhance project delivery and improve operational effectiveness. We can arrange lease or sale purchase with the full training packages for pilots, crew and service support.  
With access to a pool of aircraft types we are able to build support packages on a short to long term basis. Our service provider has conducted rotary projects to government organisations and industry projects.  


Exertus Global Solutions design and deliver comprehensive driver training packages worldwide including integrated drone protected convoys.  
All staff are Ex Police tactical pursuit drivers or Ex Military specialist vehicle drivers who have instructed in motorcycles, Armoured 4x4 Vehicles and up to HGV and Armoured Vehicles in all terrains including austere environments. 


We have access to the full range of parachute training activities that are delivered by some of the worlds best instructors. These services are delivered to both Military and Civilian. Our service provider has delivered this capability to specialist Police units in Tier 1 Para operations including AFF, MFF, Static Line, Para SAR (Search and Rescue), Tunnel flying, HALO, HAHO, Day and Night operations, Specialist High altitude O2 training (over 20,000 ft.), Parachute and Para equipment procurement and Aircraft Procurement. All instructors come from RAF, USAF, UK and USA Special forces units.  
The Air operations department has trained many Specialist Government units across the globe. If you want to be trained by the best and maintain your operational effectiveness, then please contact us for more details. 


With some of the best operators pooled from the German, British and French former military elite forces we can guarantee that our level of training is world class.  
With access to a selection of firing ranges in Germany we are able to offer our sniper field and range training to military organisations looking to add a specialist capability to their operations. Our instructors have conducted numerous missions across all spectrum's of conflict. We are now offering this service to overseas military organisations and at present we are focusing on Africa. For more detailed information on our course modules please get in touch.  


We are currently delivering a wide range of military training to the German Army. We offer many training services from Army basic training | Army advanced (paratrooper training) | Anti Tank training | Weapons training | team / squad / platoon tactics | Weapons tactics and shooting training (basic to SF- Level) | Airborne operations | NCO and Officer training | SF Sniper training basic to advanced | Survival training. 
Our instructors have been selected from the worlds most elite forces, all of which bring a different element of specialist training to our overall combined capability. We will only ever provide experts within their chosen field and match our instructors against a specific skilled area, this ensures that you receive the most current and proven tactics. If you have a training requirement where you think our services will benefit your own training directives then please contact us for more details on how we can improve your operational effectiveness.  


Our systems are completely defensive and conducted across several stages. The goal is the opponent, whether sober, drunk or under the influence of drugs, in advance of aggressive intentions, without physical contact. Our instructors are elite professionals so you are guaranteed to receive the best form of training and latest techniques.  
In the highly responsible jobs that guarantee our security, the protection of its own staff is a must. Furthermore, it must be followed in a way that protects the staff from attacks, personal injury or fatality, but does not act provocatively for the other side.  


As part of our security services we conduct site security evaluations to ascertain your organisations risk, we provide the recommendations to manage your security risk. Within this service we offer a range of CCTV security systems that will best suit your needs. 


We have a number of private clients that use our security services, our overseas clients have recognised the high end services that we provide and much of our work stems from client recommendations.  
If you need a specialist security provider to take care of your needs then please contact us for a full range of our specialist services.  


We have access to a number of world class firing ranges in Germany and Poland allowing us to offer a selection of different calibre and weapon shoots including Close Quarter Battle / Kill Houses.  
We are able to cater for individuals, group bookings and corporate range days and remain flexible to design specific courses that meet our clients specific needs. Please contact us for more details about our range services.  


Our ballistics products are world class, a full range of all products will be listed shortly. Our Ballistics & Research Director has developed new composites of ballistic protection in modern building structures, he has developed one of the most lightweight, mobile CQB (Close Quarters Battle) system for tactical 360 ° shooting with live ammunition. This design and use is practical and can be re-positioned to suit different training requirements.  
Development of a ballistic protected slide-module for standard shelters Patent number 10 2012 0110187.87 "Mobile shelter" 
Development of the world's first ballistic-protected personal protection room made of highly compressed phenolic resin plywood. 


We are now representing one of the leading Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) companies and looking forward to bringing their product and services to Africa.  
We are the official Sole Agent for West Africa and we will be holding high level meetings and presentations to bring a range of UAS capabilities to all regions of West Africa.  

 High Speed Ballistics Shooting Test   


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