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Ballistics - Developing lifesaving products for Professionals 
Working closely to industry professionals Komankra provides a wide range of ballistic protection and surveillance systems for military 
and law enforcement. Our associate German engineering team all have a military or police background 
and know exactly what the right solution is to protect lives and sensitive technologies. During 
the last 30 years they have developed new ballistic composites, unique products for special forces and 
outstanding ballistic protection systems that support global organisations.  
Rainer Daniel 
Former Foreign Legion and our expert in ballistics building protection solutions. Rainer brings about 30 years of experience to our team and will lead the way on our overseas ballistics projects. Coupled with his engineering skills he is at the top of his game when it comes to security related training and survival techniques. He held different management positions for international well known military equipment manufacturers. Until now he has worked and lived in more than 40 countries.  
Chamber of Industry and Commerce IHK Wirtschaftsfachwirt 
Chamber of Industry and Commerce IHK Industriefachwirt 
MBA Siegen School of Economics and Commerce 
Military CPO 
Guest speaker at the BDA Bund Deutscher Architekten (Association of German Architects) on the topic “New concepts in ballistic building protection”. 
Guest speaker at the Frauenhofer Institute. 
Aachen, with Prof. Dr. Brecher on the topic "New composites as ballistic protection in modern building structures". 
AUSA European Region (Association of the United States Army), Life time Member. 
Life time member of the Tangram Security Group e.V. a worldwide network of active and former special forces. 
Guest speaker at Protect & Prevent, a European training centre for government CPOs and special forces. 
Development of unique SOC-R boats. 
Development of lightweight mobile ballistic protection wall system. 
Development of the most lightweight, mobile CQB (Close Quarters Battle) system for tactical 360 ° shooting with live ammunition. 
Development of a ballistic protected slide-module for standard shelters up to 40 feet. 
Development of the world's first ballistic-protected personal protection room made of highly compressed phenolic resin plywood. 
Jointly responsible for the development of a GPS tracking system for governmental applications. 
Trainer of government CPOs 


Ballistic Insert Plates 
Most advanced manufacturing technologies allow Komankra to offer a wide range of high- performance insert plates for various protection standards and requirements. We offer a wide selection of insert plate designs with various ergonomic shapes, dimensions and material finishes. We are competent to develop and manufacture insert plates on specific demands in order to support our clients. Komankra insert plates comply with all major international testing standards. 


Ballistic Shields 
Komankra understands the growing demand of military and law enforcement agencies around the world for lightweight ballistic shields. We make it a priority to work with our ballistics experts to develop and manufacture a wide range of high-performing ballistic shields to be used in critical situations. All ballistic shield designs are available in multiple ergonomic shapes, dimensions and material finishes. The ballistic shields provide protection against various rifle calibers and comply with all major international testing standards. 
Body Armour 
Our ballistics experts have set new standards for performance, flexibility and weight of their body armour designs. They remain focused on manufacturing a wide range of ergonomic and unique body armor styles which exceed all expectations. Covert vests, Overt vests, Tactical vests and Flotation vests are only a few in the wide portfolio of body armour models of our product range. Our ballistics experts utilize the newest state of the art ballistic solutions to offer the best possible protection with maximum comfort and mobility. 


Ballistic Helmets 
Our ballistics experts have engineered and developed several ballistic helmet options in order to fulfill the requirements of its various end-users such as Army, Police, SWAT and Special Forces. All of Komankra ballistic helmets provide highest possible protection to minimize the risk of head injuries. Various chin straps, harness designs and suspension systems guarantee an optimized fit to the head. The range of ballistic helmets can be upgraded with all modern head mounted devices and communication systems. 


Vehicles Armouring 
The lightweight easy mounting ballistic up-armoring system for the well-known Polaris MSZR is only one example that shows our experience in high-end ballistic protection solutions. All ballistic plates are covered with “Molle” system. So, the operators have considerably more possibilities to stow their equipment and secure it safely. The high-tech under-body is designed in one piece to slip over rocks in a noiseless motion. 


The Lectern 
Offering a wide and unique range of mobile and extremely flexible ballistic protection systems that are developed by experienced engineers for only one purpose: Protecting people. The ballistic wall systems (KBWS) are very easy to build without tools. The ergonomic design allows easy handling. 
In order that the ballistic wall systems adapt to the environment inconspicuously, we have access to practically every surface design that is required, this makes our system absolutely unique. The Ballistic Wall System can be used inside and outside. 
The ballistic-protected lectern is a masterpiece of German engineering art. It combines design and protection in a unique way. In the event of an alarm, a single button pressure is sufficient and the ballistic protection area doubles within milliseconds. Of course, our lectern is simply height-adjustable and easy to transport. 
As former police officers and close protection officers we know exactly how important an optimal protection is and also the possibility to quickly get the protection persons out of the danger zone. We have also developed a system that exactly does this, the Fast Response System (FRS). 
Our associates carry out their own ballistic tests, which go far beyond the required standards. This is the only way to ensure that all systems offer optimal protection in the case of an armed attack. 


CQB 360° Tactical Training System 
The latest technology for tactical 360 ° training with sharp ammunition. 
Due to our many years of experience in the field and close cooperation with special units we have developed this unique CQB system. The mobile and tool-less mounting Komankra CQB system enables a previously never unprecedented flexible tactical training with a sharp shot. Any floor plan is possible and can be rebuilt extremely fast. All system elements are connected in such a way that a 100% shot inhibition is given. Even multi-hit on the smallest surface is stopped. 
The clever easy handling system includes flats, rooms, entrances, corners or hallways individually planned. In a very short time different scenarios can be redesigned. The training complexity and intensity can be optimally adapted to the respective performance level of the operators. The safety of the operators is our main priority, therefore, all components are designed especially for the CQB system. Highest quality standards and continuous material tests guarantee an always consistent quality "Made in Germany". 




Invisible Ballistic Protected Safe Room 
The system is the last bastion when all other security systems have already been overcome. They resist shooting, mechanical violence and fire. Our system works absolutely self-sufficient. Our engineers develop customer-specific safe room solutions for buildings and ships that offer optimal invisible protection. 
The safe rooms are built according German standards and certifications. All, really all customer wishes regarding the equipment and design are implemented by excellent engineers and craftsmen. Communication, oxygen supply, electricity - all systems cannot be sabotaged from the outside, every safe room is custom made. 
The safe rooms are unique in the world because we are using a composite material that is 100% ecological. No toxic fumes, odourless and recyclable. We carry out our own ballistic tests for this purpose. 

A bullet (.308) hits our ballistic high speed shutter - another kind of art! 

 High Speed Ballistics Shooting Test   



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